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50 years Zisios SA - 50 years innovation

It was 17th of November 1973 when all began. The founder of company Zisios SA, Mr. Alkiviadis Zisios eager to deliver in the construction sector he created the company that was to become what we see today. A modern company with a pleasant environment and always looking towards development with innovative methods.

At 17-Nov-2023 we made a small break and enjoyed among friends and partners. The mood was festive and the company's staff reserved a surprise for the Zisios family. A birthday cake with a mold on it and an honorary plaque for the company, giving a meaning for each letter of the name Zisios and what 50 years of Zisios means.

Ζ - ΖΗΛΟΣ (zeal)

Η - ΗΘΟΣ (morals)

Σ - ΣΥΝΕΠΕΙΑ (consequence)

Ι - ΙΚΑΝΟΤΗΤΑ (ability)

Ο - ΟΡΑΜΑ (Vision)

Σ - ΣΥΝΕΧΕΙΑ (Continuation)

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